Why This Entrepreneur’s Media Venture Is Set to Be A Huge Success Months Before Launch

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Discipline is something that normally comes with experience in entrepreneurship, but Ohio based entrepreneur Quinton Heck had a head start on other entrepreneurs in this regard. He got accepted into the Merchant Marine Academy after high school, and has spent over 3 years as a Naval Reserve training to be a military officer. He’s become accustomed to the military atmosphere, so entrepreneurship has been second nature to him ever since he started.

In fact, Heck’s work ethic and dedication goes back much further than his military experience. He grew up in a household with two siblings, and all three of them were all athletes and musicians. His experience playing an instrument and striving for success alongside his siblings taught him the importance of a strong work ethic from a young age, and the results he found in his athletics showed. He played football, baseball, and basketball for his high school, and even won a state title as a football player his senior year. He was most successful as a football player in high school, but he excelled the most as a baseball player, and continues to play baseball for the United States Merchant Marine Academy to this day.

After being inspired to become an entrepreneur while reading Rich Dad Poor Dad aboard a US naval vessel, he wasted little time taking action. He began exploring options with drop shipping and ecommerce, and started working tirelessly to become profitable as an ecommerce entrepreneur. Even though it took numerous failed ventures and a few years to find success, Heck’s relentless work ethic and discipline allowed him to push through until he found success.

Even though he did wind up becoming successful with ecommerce, he wanted to channel his passion for photography and videography and pursue a venture starting a creative agency. After strategizing how to take this venture to market, he is set to launch his very own creative agency this fall.

The goal of the agency is to band a small team of creators together who share similar interests as him, such as videography, website development, marketing, and ecommerce. From there, him and his team will provide value to clients by providing their skills and expertise in the space to improve their content and thus grow their online exposure and social media followings. While he is still working to assemble a team for this venture, it’s safe to assume that the people he brings on board will share Heck’s passion and hunger. The company is yet to launch, but it’s already pretty clear that with Heck’s leadership skills and work ethic, it will become a massive success in the near future.

Jason is an entrepreneur and is passionate about future tech. He’s scaled multiple companies and enjoys snowboarding in his free time.

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