Why Overcoming Her Fears Was The Best Decision Paulina Zelman Has Ever Made

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Spontaneity hasn’t always been a part of New York based musician Paulina Zelman’s personality, but it has defined her young music career thus far. She’s spent years playing instruments and making music, but has mainly done it in private as a form of therapy and a release from her daily life. When creating her debut album, she had no real intentions of releasing it to the public. But after overcoming her fears and taking a bit of a leap of faith, she dropped the album for the world to hear.

She’s had no regrets since releasing the album, and has learned to live with any judgment or negativity people have thrown her way regarding her music. She looks forward to making more music as a result, and aims to become more comfortable performing in front of a camera to become more of a complete artist.

Paulina grew up playing piano ever since the age of seven, and soon learned how to play trumpet in band class and taught herself the guitar, ukulele, and her favorite instrument, the trumpet. She has been immersed in music for her entire life, so it’s no surprise that it’s remained such a key part of her adult life. Now that she’s released an album, she is able to showcase her raw passion and emotion for the entire world. Her album touches on themes such as love, friendship, heartbreak, mental health, confidence and happiness, and her vulnerability on the album has allowed her to connect with listeners on a deep level.

Self consciousness and being shy around others are things that Paulina has lived with for most of her life, and the ability to impact people through her music has been a transformational experience for her. It warms her heart when she hears listeners relate to her music, and it’s gone a long way towards helping her build self confidence and acceptance in the process.

Even though she was so incredibly hesitant to release her music originally, she regrets not doing it sooner. Once she conquered her fear, the positive impact she’s had on others during such a crazy time in the world has been uplifting. With a renewed sense of confidence and a tremendous feeling of self worth, Paulina Zelman is ready to start a new, exciting chapter in her music career. She has spent years turning to music for expression and a release, and now she is only just starting on her journey of passing her music onto others.

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