Why Jared Sanborn Was Put On This Earth To Be An Entrepreneur

Jared Sanborn is incredibly well versed in the world of entrepreneurship. He’s founded and owned 5 companies in the past, is the current founder & CEO of EyefuelPR.com and Pure Technology Inc., and recently raised nearly $2 million in Series-A investment capital for a tech startup.

Jared’s success is not by mistake. When he is not working on his businesses, he’s studying and learning from mega wealthy entrepreneurs that have already experienced the level of success he is aiming towards. Whenever he’s in the presence of someone that’s extremely successful, Jared becomes a sponge and absorbs as much information as possible from them. When asked about his habit of listening and absorbing information, Jared said, “Listen two times as much as you speak to those who are two times above your peak.”

Outside of his passion for learning and improving each and every day, Jared has a large list of experience in the marketing space. He’s served as a marketing manager, VP of sales & marketing, and CMO in his career, and has been in the digital marketing space ever since the early days of MySpace.

Even with his impressive list of experiences, Jared feels as though he’s just getting started. His newest venture, Pure Technology, is set to change big data, AI, and the consumer electronics markets forever, and he’s worked tirelessly on the secretive venture to make it a massive success at launch.

Another aspect of entrepreneurship that Jared has mastered is the art of dealing with failure. Jared’s attitude towards failure is simple: Rather than shying away from challenges, he intentionally brings challenge into his life. This way, he’s able to overcome them, grow as both a person and a professional, and have tremendous judgement when it comes to business decisions.

Aside from chasing success and providing for his wife and daughter, Jared gets up every day to leave the world a better place than he found it. In doing this, he’s able to set a great example for aspiring entrepreneurs who have a strong desire to turn their life around, for his team at Pure Technology, and for his family.

Jared sums up his life as an entrepreneur perfectly, saying, “When you accept responsibility, you gain capability. The capability to change anything you want in your life, which ultimately gives you accountability to yourself.”

Jason is an entrepreneur and is passionate about future tech. He’s scaled multiple companies and enjoys snowboarding in his free time.