The Harsh Truth About Being A Doctor That Practices Eastern Medicine

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A Doctor of Western Medicine focuses on your complaint combined with labs prior to prescribing you medication to treat a common illness. A Doctor of Functional Medicine will examine the body as a whole and treat each patient as an individual and acts accordingly. Dr. Mark Ghalili DO spent his entire life practicing traditional medicine, until a life-changing event changed his career path forever. After being prescribed the common widely used antibiotic, Ciprofloxacin, also known as Cipro, he soon suffered from complete muscle wasting, burning neuropathy, seizures, brain fog, vertigo, blurry vision and tendon tears in his legs. After weeks of using Alternative Therapies and Regenerative Medicine, Dr. Ghalili was able to fully recover. He went from being confined in a wheelchair, to gaining the gift of being able to run again and he will never take that for granted.

This holistic approach is considered taboo in the medical field to traditional medical doctors. Many physicians who use a natural approach are often labeled in a negative light. Imagine the majority of hospitals, doctors, nurses and medical professionals in disbelief being fully disabled and making a full recovery using everything that goes against what the medical schools and hospitals offer. The driving principle for Functional Medicine has been the body’s own ability to heal itself, with naturally occurring remedies. Regenerative Medicine LA has become a dedicated healing center for patients looking for alternative therapies for those damaged by traditional medicine. The clinic typically sees patients who have been damaged by the largest universities including The Mayo Clinic, UCLA, Harvard, and other “prestigious” medical centers. The founder, Dr. Mark Ghalili, has devoted his entire practice to treating people with adverse reactions caused by other doctors and restores his patient’s health without resorting to toxic and damaging medications.

For centuries, people from western cultures and the scientific community have struggled to understand Alternative Medicine. Today, Dr. Ghalili is the primary healing doctor in Los Angeles and has patients flying from all around the world seeking treatment. He became obligated to open his own practice in order to create a customized treatment protocol for each individual patient, in order to steer clear from anyone that questions his authority. Instead of comparing Traditional and Natural Medicine, it’s important to understand what happens to your body at the microscopic level when you’re sick. If you believe in the body’s ability to heal itself, then you will want to seek alternative treatment.

Dr. Ghalili advises everyone to stand up for what you believe in and with confidence, you will create the success you’re looking for. You will never learn to move out of your comfort zone, unless you overcome your fear of failure. The team at Regenerative Medicine LA treats nutritional, hormonal, toxicity and autoimmune conditions and helps patients regain normalcy from underlying conditions. There’s no limit to what Dr. Ghalili and his team can accomplish in the future.

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