Mixologist Expert Luca Missaglia Has Taken The Nightlife Industry By Storm

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Growing up in a hard working family where his parents were always working, Luca Missaglia quickly realized that he wanted to work smart, and be able to have his freedom and maximize his time while still having an international approach to his brand.

His path to success is incredibly unique, and it came in the form of being a mixologist and a leading figure in the drink business. He has had a fundamental role in the growing, inspiring, and shaping of liquors and non alcoholic beverages worldwide and influencing the new generation of drinkers in the process.

He comes from humble beginnings, and left his homeland of Italy to chase his dream in London. His first job was as a barista at a coffee shop, and he fell in love with the art of mixology more and more each day.

He learned English in the process, and quickly became renowned in the industry. It took just a year for Luca’s talent to be recognized, and two restaurantiers discovered his talent and offered him a position running the entire operation of a restaurant and club in London.

During his time there his accolades grew, and he began winning cocktail competitions and displaying his level of artistry. He won Mixing Star in 2012 and the UK Nikka Perfect Serve in 2013, and his brand continued to skyrocket as a result.

From there, Luca would go on to join the Aqua Group as a bar director and managed bars worldwide and assisted with their marketing efforts.

His hard work and diligent way of executing operations brought him into the top 10 nominees at tales of the cocktail as Best International Brand Ambassador of 2019, and the recognition still exists today.

Luca credits a large part of his successes is because he has failed more than anyone. Through so much trial and error and gaining experience, his knowledge base grew quickly and he became more and more confident in his abilities. Even if everything seems to be against him, he continues to work hard and pursue his dreams.

His positive mindset and ability to continually make innovative ideas real has allowed him to make a name for himself in the competitive drink and nightlife industry, and his brand only continues to grow as he continues to rake in accolades and win competitions. Time will only tell what his next move will be, but it’s a sure fire bet that he’ll continue his success no matter what he does.

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