Jad Kantari Has Always Been Hungry For More

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Jad Kantari has always wanted more for himself. Ever since he was a little kid growing up in Beirut, Lebanon, he had a strong desire to provide the life for his family that they deserved. Given how passionate he was about this, he came to America by himself to attend USC and obtain a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering so he could get started on his journey of eventually providing for his family.

He began with small side hustles flipping clothes and shoes online, but Kantari gradually moved onto social media marketing and drop shipping while he still had his full time engineering job. Even after picking up $10,000 in debt experimenting with Facebook ads to expand his ecommerce business, Jad stayed positive and trusted the path he was on to finding success. He believes that failure is the only way to success, as you will only truly appreciate success after you know what it feels like to experience failure. Rather than taking the debt as a negative thing, Jad treated it as an investment into himself and his business as he learned how to effectively market his products. And did the investment ever pay off for him. It took him 3 months to get his first sale in June of 2017, but by October of the same year he had his first six figure sales month. Fast forward to 2018, and Kantari had generated 13 million dollars in online sales and met his business partner.

Being surrounded with business owners far more successful than him was crucial to him picking up initial momentum. Back when he could hardly afford it, he invested $12,000 in himself to attend an e-commerce mastermind to level himself up. He got a little taste of success through the people he was surrounded with, and began to realize that that level of success was a real possibility for him in the near future.

While it took him a while to discover e-commerce and entrepreneurship, Jad knows that this mindset was something he was born with. Even back in Lebanon, he never pictured a typical, average life for himself. Since coming to America at just 18 years old to attend a university, he has had that drive and hunger in him to go out and take what he knows is his. After finding his passion in owning his own business, he has been perfectly fine with working 12 hour days to make sure it becomes successful. Today, he has built 4 successful brands and is able to take care of his family and do the things he loves without being stressed by the burden of finances.

Jad Kantari came from far from an ideal childhood. He was never lacking anything when he was growing up, but he never had disposable income to treat himself to new technology or nice clothes. The drive in him that resulted from this is something admirable, and anyone looking to crush it in today’s online business world should take a page out of his book.

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Jason is an entrepreneur and is passionate about future tech. He’s scaled multiple companies and enjoys snowboarding in his free time.

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