How This World Class Fitness Trainer Has Brought Her Mindset to Business

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Before Trixie Isla-Velez started college, her 10 year goal was to open her own gym. At the time, she was already starting to teach classes and was establishing herself as a talented trainer. Rather than get impatient and stray from her goals, she put in years of hard work for a fitness studio in Hong Kong. From the age of 23 until she was 27, she worked sometimes 7 days a week teaching classes and training clients, and has had to balance her work life with being a dedicated Mom at the same time.

But, Trixie hit a turning point when she was underappreciated, even though every client in the gym wanted her as their trainer and she put in years of relentless hard work. Knowing her worth, Trixie knew deep down that it was time to chase the goal she set for herself all those years ago: To open a gym of her own. Letting go of the gym that defined her as a trainer was incredibly hard, but her clients telling her they’d follow her wherever she went was reassuring.

After spending time wandering from location to location renting time slots out to teach classes, she finally signed on her very own location to teach and train. DEFIN8 Fitness, her studio and brand, is now one of the leading pilates and fitness studios in all of Hong Kong. Trixie is one of the most versatile, capable, and sought after trainers in Hong Kong, and is also a Nike trainer and an Ambassador for different brands like Nosh, Myprotein, and Life Nutrition amongst others.

The biggest challenge for Trixie thus far in her career has been being able to jump out of her comfort zone and risking her career to start her own business. It was the toughest moment of her career when she left the gym she used to work at, but her decision has paid off in a major way.

On the flip side, the biggest reward for her so far has been the time freedom she’s experienced owning her own business, along with the awards she’s received from the success she’s had. Even with all of her praises and her progress, Trixie Isla-Velez is still on a relentless pursuit of being the best trainer and business owner she can possibly be.

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