How This Female Veteran Has Undertaken a Socially Responsible and Fashionable Mission

Kelly Cooper is not your average veteran. After almost a decade traveling the world with the US Air Force, Kelly decided to stray from social norms and build something for herself. Although she loved her career working in government, her creative, entrepreneurial personality didn’t align with the corporate 9–5 grind and in 2017 she founded her children’s clothing label, Tomato Superstar.

Tomato Superstar is a web-based clothing boutique on a mission to encourage and empower young girls to live authentically. With a daughter of her own (who actually coined the name Tomato Superstar) and lack of options on the market, Kelly was inspired to create sensibly priced, well made clothing for children and pre-teens. The brand’s name itself is a tribute to each young girl’s uniqueness and individuality which is constantly being reiterated on all of their platforms.

The brand has exploded on Instagram with over 36k followers, where thousands of people from around the world all receive beautiful messages of resilience, strength, and individuality. While the mission is important, it’s not the only thing that sets this brand apart. Kelly’s desire to incorporate social justice initiatives in addition to the strong message of female empowerment is what makes this brand truly unique. A portion of all Tomato Superstar sales are donated to non-profits combating human trafficking around the world, which is an issue Kelly feels passionate about.

This wife, mother, and boss has tons of wisdom to share with other aspiring entrepreneurs, including her two children. She fully believes in “failing forward”, as success does not come without some pitfalls. Many people questioned her career shift, but she stayed true to her intuition and powered through. Kelly has fought through adversity, remained positive and learned to tune out the criticisms that aren’t useful to her and her career. Challenges were constantly pushed her way, but she’s fallen in love with that aspect of entrepreneurship; and she’s learned something new everyday.

Cooper’s favorite part of owning her own business is that her family is involved and celebrates her successes alongside her. Once her children were born, she didn’t want to miss one moment with them and now she doesn’t have to. You can shop online for boho chic clothing, inspirational stickers, and even facemasks for the young women in your life at

You can feel confident in your purchase knowing that you are supporting a family as well as a valuable cause. Fashion styles are designed in the USA and made with love in both the USA and India.

Jason is an entrepreneur and is passionate about future tech. He’s scaled multiple companies and enjoys snowboarding in his free time.

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