How This Couple’s Passion For Traveling Lead To A Massively Successful Business

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What started as an Instagram page aimed to keep their family and friends updated on their travels turned into an engaged community of over 500,000 followers for travel couple Domi and Frida, and it’s been a tremendous journey since then as they’ve continued to travel the world and document it in the process.

Domi and Frida met in high school, and have grown closer through the experiences they’ve shared together and through their huge passion for travel. Although they both got standard jobs after high school, they never gave up their passion for travelling and learning new cultures of the world. Because of their authentic passion for travel and the beautiful content they create on each new adventure they take, it was no surprise that their travel page blew up in a short period of time.

At the start, they had no intentions of monetizing their adventures. They had no clue how to turn them into a source of income, and had a hard time collaborating with brands and hotels. Because they traveled out of passion and not to see how much money they could make from monetizing their social media page, this was no problem for Domi and Frida. In fact, they advise anyone getting into a long term project to pursue it out of passion rather than seeing how much money is in it, as you’re likely to never earn any money if you view it in terms of how much profits can be made.

As for the technical aspect of what they do, they advise anyone looking to get started in photography and content creation to put in ample preparation and expect great results to come with time. Growth as a photographer is a slow process, but hard work and preparation will put anyone well on their way to creating content that’s comparable to what Domi and Frida have done en route to amassing a large, dedicated following.

Domi and Frida don’t see fellow creators as competition, but instead look to them for inspiration for their own content. They’ve learned a ton about photography and making videos thanks to content creators on YouTube, and have even discovered amazing places in the world thanks to other travel content they’ve seen on Instagram.

Domi and Frida are perfect examples of how following a passion and putting in the proper amount of work can lead to tremendous success and freedom, and they are proof that it truly is possible to monetize a passion and live out your dreams no matter how big they are.

Jason is an entrepreneur and is passionate about future tech. He’s scaled multiple companies and enjoys snowboarding in his free time.

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