How Marshall Sandman’s Passions Lead Him To His Dream Career

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Marshall Sandman has always been a skilled professional, and proved this during his time at WarnerMedia as the Director of Strategy. But what has set him apart in his career as an entrepreneur has been his relentless attitude. Anything he’s set his mind to he has been able to go get, and he is far from satisfied with where he’s at in his career as he knows the sky’s the limit.

After leaving WarnerMedia, Marshall put his full attention towards his career in entrepreneurship. Marshall is extremely passionate about the rise of social media and how it’s become the dominant source for news, entertainment and advertising in the world. He works tirelessly to understand the customer discovery journey as they choose to subscribe to different streaming services and how they manage their social media platforms and take in content from platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Marshall knows that the advertising landscape will be entirely centered around these social media outlets in the near future, and his focus on this topic is the reason why he chose to launch a podcast exclusively on IG Live.

The show, called What to Do With Marshall, launched to tremendous praise. Supported by Talenti Gelato, the show is completely dedicated to providing funding to an NYC based non-profit, Harlem Grown. Marshall also dedicates time and resources to providing meals to children who aren’t in school due to COVID-19.

Marshall’s incredible work ethic coupled with a real sense of civic responsibility and selflessness has afforded him tremendous success in his career thus far. Outside of his hard skills, Marshall has learned very important lessons through failure. He’s candid in discussing his failures, and even says that seeing coworkers at his corporate job being laid off inspired him to leave his role to pursue entrepreneurship. His humility led him right to where he belonged in his career, and he hasn’t looked back since.

Now, Marshall is able to connect with consumers and the media through his IG Live show. Telling stories that connect with people and make them feel something has been his dream, and he’s now able to do it for a living. Not to mention, his show is a tremendous help for those in need in his community. It’s safe to say that Marshall is exactly where he belongs at this point in his career and will only continue accomplishing incredible things moving forward.

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Jason is an entrepreneur and is passionate about future tech. He’s scaled multiple companies and enjoys snowboarding in his free time.

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