How Fitness Changed Garrett Bair’s Life In More Ways Than One

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Garrett Bair has never been interested in following the status quo. After being born in Hawaii and moving all over the country with his family at a young age, he graduated from The Ohio State University as a pre law major. Rather than follow the majority of his friends and classmates and attend law school, Bair decided to forego law school and pursue his dream of a personal training and fitness career.

While his decision may have been hard to comprehend from the outside, Bair knew that it was the decision he had to make for his own happiness and peace. He felt out of place at Ohio State, and developed a dependence on alcohol as feelings of homesickness lingered. Soon, he turned to fitness to fill the void at school and quickly fell in love with spending time in the gym and getting fit.

As his fitness journey progressed, the possibility of turning his newly found passion into a career became more and more realistic. This is when he made the decision to go all in on fitness, and it’s paid off tremendously ever since. He’s able to do what he loves on a daily basis, positively impacts the lives of many of his 200,000+ followers on Instagram, and feels fulfillment in what he does for a living.

To someone following him on social media or seeing his journey from the outside, it may seem like he was able to transform his body and launch his career rather easily. But, Garrett admits that behind the scenes he’s had many sleepless nights, has been close to tears, dissatisfied with his physique, and has had to ask friends for money just to buy gas and make it home. The road to success has been far from easy, and he always reminds his audience that hard work and consistency will always prevail in the long run just as it did for him.

On top of having such a strong passion for fitness, Garrett has never wanted to fall into the 9 to 5 lifestyle. He couldn’t picture spending the next few decades of his life only living for the weekends and vacations, and worked tirelessly to build a personal brand and business so he didn’t have to. He is always striving for greatness in everything he does, from his business to his fitness journey to the relationships he builds both on and offline. Entrepreneurship is the only career path that doesn’t put a ceiling on someone’s potential, and Garrett has been able to achieve things he would have only dreamed of as a result of taking the risk of starting his own business.

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Jason is an entrepreneur and is passionate about future tech. He’s scaled multiple companies and enjoys snowboarding in his free time.

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