How Chad Ehlers Has Kept A Positive Outlook On Life Through Massive Adversity

Chad Ehlers is no stranger to adversity and loss in his life. At just 17 years old, Chad was a homeless single father left to take care of his three-month-old daughter. He lost his wife to suicide and is currently taking care of his daughter as she battles leukemia. Even with all of the things life has thrown at him, Chad still shines through with positivity and relentless optimism.

Chad is a registered nurse but left his career to pursue social media full-time. He is now an influencer, speaker, and the founder of Chad’s Change, a worldwide influencer movement designed to uplift people by the thousands and passes along feelings of positivity and hope. His well-known positive attitude has stuck with him along the way and has helped him grow as a person and influencer.

Today, Chad is still making people smile and laugh by the masses through his work with Chad’s Change. The movement has gathered hundreds of influencers together and people know that their voices are heard and that they’re supported.

To take the stresses of daily life off after a long day, Chad hosts Zoom dance classes for anyone to join. Not only is he able to stay connected with his audience on a personal level with these classes, but he is also able to make his audience have fun, laugh, and connect with one another.

Chad is now well versed in the world of social media and has come a long way in his career, but there are a few things he wishes someone told him when he was first starting. First, he wishes someone told him to start building multiple social media platforms at once. Chad spent a lot of time focusing on one platform as a growing influencer, and he now realizes how effective these platforms are when used in tandem with one another.

The second is that regardless of how positive your message is, you will always have haters. Chad has learned to not take these naysayers’ words personally because his biggest asset is their biggest insecurity. With all that Chad has dealt with in his life thus far, it will take much more than a few haters to slow him down on his path to greatness.

Jason is an entrepreneur and is passionate about future tech. He’s scaled multiple companies and enjoys snowboarding in his free time.