How Caroline Crowder Has Gained Massive Momentum On Social Media

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Caroline Crowder is constantly challenging herself to avoid getting too comfortable, and regularly seeks to step out of her comfort zone in her professional life. As an influencer, content expert and founder of PSC Media, she says she certainly wouldn’t be as successful as she is now without challenging herself on a regular basis.

This mentality has been with Caroline from the very start of her career. When she first got into daily blogging and posting content to social media after graduating from the University of Maryland, she consistently reached out to people she looked up to in the space. She also was not afraid of rejection. When she first began contacting brands for collaboration opportunities, she heard “no” plenty of times.

Rather than let rejection put her down, Caroline used it as fuel to improve all aspects of her craft. Once she perfected her pitches to brands and improved her media kit, the “yes” answers began coming more easily until the roles reversed and she was the one being contacted for collaboration.

Today, Caroline is able to work with brands like Revolve, JCPenney, The NFL, Lyft and more all because she’s been willing to improve on her craft and remain resilient. She’s also grown to over 350,000 organic followers on Instagram, and is fortunate to have real interactions with many of them. Aside from her work on the platform, she also collaborates with brands on social media strategy and content creation through her company, PSC Media.

Caroline brings value to these companies through consultation calls, content creation calendar planning, and accelerator programs. Her skillset on platforms like Lightroom and Adobe also helps her create beautiful content and logo designs for companies, and her combination of technical work with the strategic insight of social media strategy makes her work incredibly valuable to her clients.

Caroline admits that there is no step-by-step guide to growing a successful business, and there have been moments where things haven’t gone the way she’d hoped they would. However, this has made her accomplishments that much more valuable and her hard work and resiliency has allowed her to stack wins and gain huge momentum in her business. She says there is nothing like the high of reaching a new milestone in her business, and it’s safe to say there are plenty more of those moments in store.

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