How Anthony Duluc’s Childhood Passion Blossomed Into A Career

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Anthony Duluc has always had a passion for performing. He says that some of the happiest moments he’s had in his life have been the final minutes before he was set to take the stage, as he’s always felt a calling to provide the best performance possible to his audience. Nothing has changed today, as he is a TV, film, and commercial actor and uses his performing abilities to captivate and inform his social media audience as a fitness influencer.

Not only did Anthony know from an early age that he was born to perform, he knew that a 9–5 life was never in the cards for him. He’s always had a very high tolerance for risk, and grew up with the mentality that he needed to excel in every venture he tried his hand in. Anthony sets high expectations for himself, and puts a full heart and effort into everything he does.

Anthony doesn’t just go all in on everything he does, he’s incredible at dealing with setbacks and looking forward to the next venture. For example, he auditioned for Jimmy Fallon a year ago and didn’t get the part. Rather than letting it affect his mentality moving forward, he kept working with the same relentless mentality that he had going into the audition. Better yet, he wound up hearing a year later that Jimmy loved the segment but they just never taped it.

Anthony not only deals with failures incredibly well, he isn’t afraid to share them with his followers. He believes that being relatable is the best way to build a dedicated following, and the emotional connection he’s built with his audience is a testament to that. He also showcases his failures to prove that not every waking second of an influencer’s life is out of a movie, which gives his audience a real glimpse into his day to day life and experiences.

With all of the experience he has now, there are two things Anthony wishes he knew when he first started his career. First, don’t take losing as a personal reflection of your value. Regardless of how many times people try to tell you what you’re worth, always believe in yourself and know how much value you bring to the table. Next, the connections you make are everything when building a brand. Anthony has built a tremendous brand all from his connections, and anyone that’s able to utilize their network early on in their career will find tremendous success very early on.

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Jason is an entrepreneur and is passionate about future tech. He’s scaled multiple companies and enjoys snowboarding in his free time.

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