Dr. Suzanne Soliman Is A Pharmacist By Trade And A Giver At Heart

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Dr. Suzanne Soliman has naturally been a giver for her entire career. In a field where medications are largely overpriced and customers oftentimes struggle to even pay for the insurance copay, Dr. Soliman has made it a major point in her pharmacy to have affordable prices for anyone that walks in the door. So much so, in fact, that she’s even created a pharmacy discount card to offer patients the opportunity to receive a steep discount for their medications. It’s easy to use, and is the only discount card made specifically by her Facebook group, Pharmacist Moms.

Pharmacist Moms, or PhMG, is the largest organization of pharmacists in the United States with over 33,000 members. Dr. Soliman started the group in an effort to make other pharmacist moms around the country feel more supported while doing a job that can otherwise be lonely and challenging with long hours and travel. She has struggled with her own work life balance as she often had to work nights, weekends, and holidays away from her husband and kids, and assumed that other moms may face those same struggles.

Her hunch was correct and the group, which provides mothers a place to ask questions, seek support, congratulate each other and network, grew to 1,000 members in under one month. The group also allows Dr. Soliman to carry out her passions for helping women and advancing her professional career, as she is able to do both simultaneously as she runs the group. She believes pharmacists deserve increased recognition for all that they do in the healthcare system, and she’s become inspired to tell the story of pharmacists to the public.

Her public works have not gone unnoticed either. She has over 100 publications and presents nationally on pharmacy, parenting and women’s health, and is the recipient of the Rufus A. Lyman award granted to the best manuscript published in the American Journal of Pharmacy Education.

As for being candid about failures she has encountered, Dr. Soliman says that it is extremely valuable to discuss both failure and success as we are all human and this is how we grow. One of her most well received social media posts came when she posted the mess her children made in the back seat of her car, and showed one of the more delicate, everyday aspects of her life. Everybody faces the same issues at the end of the day, and Dr. Soliman is unafraid to showcase her authentic self to her audience.

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